Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Challenge Day 9: Custom White Balance

With winter in full swing and many rainy days in front and behind us, it's been really fun learning how to use my custom white balance feature on my camera. I HATE getting a weird color cast in my photos, especially when I'm making cards.  I'll spend hours making sure every paper and detail coordinates, only to have a blue, green or yellow hue ruin it all in the photo.  Super frustrating.

So, learning to use a gray card and set my custom white balance has been amazing.  It's SO much easier than I thought it would be, and only takes 30 seconds at most.  Amazing :-)

I struggled to find pics today that I really liked, so instead decided to focus only on ones where my little man is making a funny face.  He's so expressive, it's kind of fun to catch him at his silliest :-)  He has the blessing (or curse) of his mama's "rubber face".  We're one step away from being Jim Carrey.


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