Monday, January 13, 2014

Challenge Day 8: Limb Chop

This was a really interesting challenge.  Looking back at many of my photos, I realized that I was guilty of this "no-no" many times over.  Apparently, you shouldn't cut your subject off at their joints, e.g.-ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, etc.

For this shoot, I tried to capture the whole kiddo.  We had some adventure near the end when one of our kitties, Gwen, decided it was the perfect time to play hide and seek in the quilt.  She is the sweetest cat, and really does love Eli.  She's never far away from him and they play all the time.  It's funny to watch them together because they are exactly the same age :-)  Love them both!



  1. You are capturing such fun memories….they both look like they are having fun. I am taking note of all these things to remember when taking photos. Mine might be half decent soon. :-0

    1. It has been a great challenge with fun prompts. I totally recommend her website for lots of fabulous photo ideas! You don't really need it though, since your photos are always wonderful!