Monday, October 8, 2012

Practical Scrappers: Halloween

Happy early Halloween at Practical Scrappers :-)  Today the design team is showing us some spooky creations to get you excited for the upcoming fright fest!  I have to admit that I LOVE Halloween.  Not only is it my birthday, but strangers will give you CANDY just for showing up at their door.  As a was a magical day :-)

For my card, I used a new Cricut Cartridge that I picked up at Walmart for just this occasion called, Bump in the Night.  So many cute little monsters on this cartridge it was hard to choose.  I finally settled on Fang since he looked so lovable :-)

Please stop by the Practical Scrappers site for more Halloween spookiness...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our new place

Here's an pic of my little doll house.  The kitties are loving all the low windows :-)

It's so exciting to have grass and trees again! In Las Vegas we had a beautiful view of the mountains behind our house, but gravel and pointy-poky shrubs in our yard.  Our new backyard has a giant primrose bush that's blooming bright pink flowers and taking up the long side of our deck.  We also have a very confused mourning dove who has a nest in the middle of our backyard on the ground!  She has two babies in it, and now I'm not sure how long we'll have to wait to mow our lawn.  I'm obsessively checking on those little babies, but they're big and fluffy, and not going anywhere :-)

I managed to get a good portion of the kitchen boxes unpacked yesterday, so hoping to wrap that up today and then start on the bedroom.  Like the movers said, you never know how much you have until you move.

Off to snoop on the baby birds and enjoy the cool fall Carolina weather on my patio.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Carolina on my mind...

We are officially in our new house in North Carolina and have internet!!!  Yahooooooo!!!!!! I've been trying to stay connected on my phone, but 4 days in the car traveling across the country did not leave me with stellar web access.   I'm so happy to be here, but slightly less thrilled with the boxes stacked to the ceiling I'll be dealing with. :-)

We decided to move into a smaller house this time around and now I'm not sure where my (possibly excessive) collection of cookware and dishes are going to live.  Luckily we have crawl spaces and an attic for all the seasonal stuff we used to stash in our massive closets.

I do love this house though.  It's yellow and white and reminds me of a little doll house.  The cats are loving it too, and are pretty thrilled to be out of the car.

Tomorrow I tackle the unpacking and I'm really hoping I'll have my craft room unpacked by next week.  There are so many cute craft and sewing stores in North Carolina, I can't wait to expand the "stash" :-)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Practical Scrappers: Using Canvas

The ladies of Practical Scrappers are showing us some great ways to incorporate canvas into your cards and layouts.  I know I have a bundle stashed in my fabric box, so it was fun to dig it out and play around.  I used mine to create ruffled rows on a Thank You card.  I've used a similar technique on a set of pillow covers, so I used that ruffle and shrunk it way down :-)

Here are my pillow covers:
Canvas, Ruffled, Pillow Covers

And here's my interpretation for my card!

Please stop by the Practical Scrappers site and see what the other creative ladies of the design team have come up with!