Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Practical Scrappers: 10 Things to Do with Buttons

Today over at Practical Scrappers, the ladies are showing us fun and creative ways to use buttons in layouts and cards.

My take on the challenge is one of my favorite tricks to create custom embellishments.  I have a huge jar overflowing with different sized buttons, but the colors are sometimes a little funky (I will admit to buying most of them on a killer deal!)  So in order to make sure they match to my creation, I just cover them with fabric!

It's very easy to do, too.  Just cut a circle of about half an inch larger than the button on all sides.  Then, hand sew around the perimeter of the fabric (as messy as you like, it will be on the back), place the button in the center and then cinch the fabric all the way around!  When you flip the button around, it will be encased in  your pretty fabric.  Super easy.  If you don't want to sew, you could even glue gun that bad boy, and make it even easier on yourself :-)

For my card, I covered the buttons in green and pink and made them into happy birthday balloons.

Please stop by the Practical Scrappers site and check out what other great ideas the ladies are showing off this week!


  1. What a creative idea for a card! So cool.

  2. Clever idea have added that to my to do list. :-) love your card.