Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our new place

Here's an pic of my little doll house.  The kitties are loving all the low windows :-)

It's so exciting to have grass and trees again! In Las Vegas we had a beautiful view of the mountains behind our house, but gravel and pointy-poky shrubs in our yard.  Our new backyard has a giant primrose bush that's blooming bright pink flowers and taking up the long side of our deck.  We also have a very confused mourning dove who has a nest in the middle of our backyard on the ground!  She has two babies in it, and now I'm not sure how long we'll have to wait to mow our lawn.  I'm obsessively checking on those little babies, but they're big and fluffy, and not going anywhere :-)

I managed to get a good portion of the kitchen boxes unpacked yesterday, so hoping to wrap that up today and then start on the bedroom.  Like the movers said, you never know how much you have until you move.

Off to snoop on the baby birds and enjoy the cool fall Carolina weather on my patio.


  1. Beautiful house. I hope the birds and the kitties get along :) Good luck on getting everything unpacked and being able to get into your craft room and creating:D


  2. What an absolutely lovely house! I just adore it. Congrats on your beautiful new home. Have fun with the unpacking. (Well, as much fun as you can have. ;-) )

  3. That is a beautiful house and looks like wonderful surroundings too. We used to move about a fair bit before the kids were born the one good thing about it is that you do destash regularly. I don't think I would enjoy moving now...too much gear. Hope the unpacking keeps going smoothly.