Thursday, October 4, 2012

Carolina on my mind...

We are officially in our new house in North Carolina and have internet!!!  Yahooooooo!!!!!! I've been trying to stay connected on my phone, but 4 days in the car traveling across the country did not leave me with stellar web access.   I'm so happy to be here, but slightly less thrilled with the boxes stacked to the ceiling I'll be dealing with. :-)

We decided to move into a smaller house this time around and now I'm not sure where my (possibly excessive) collection of cookware and dishes are going to live.  Luckily we have crawl spaces and an attic for all the seasonal stuff we used to stash in our massive closets.

I do love this house though.  It's yellow and white and reminds me of a little doll house.  The cats are loving it too, and are pretty thrilled to be out of the car.

Tomorrow I tackle the unpacking and I'm really hoping I'll have my craft room unpacked by next week.  There are so many cute craft and sewing stores in North Carolina, I can't wait to expand the "stash" :-)


  1. Good luck with the unpacking. Glad you made it safe and sound. Would love to see pictures of your house, it sounds so lovely!

  2. So glad you all made it safely to your new house. Hope the unpacking goes smoothly...sounds like you are a bit experienced at that and have a plan.