Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Challenge Day 22: Backlighting

We've had a lot of company recently and are now getting ready to head to Atlanta to see my Mom on Saturday.  Eli and I are taking our first flight on our own :-0  I flew with him at 8 weeks, but had my husband with me, and I'm pretty sure we had a giant sign over our heads that said "FIRST TIME PARENTS".  Hoping to be a little more cool and calm this go around.  Lucky for me the flight is only an hour and Eli loves people and being out-and-about, so fingers crossed!

I did manage to sneak in a couple of photos today since our 30 day challenge looks like it may turn into a 90 day challenge....whoops!

Today's focus was using back lighting and spot metering to keep the subject bright even against a bright background.  I also took the plunge and shot in RAW format for the first time.  I really like how much control you have over your image in the post-processing phase so may switch permanently!

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  1. I hope your flight went well and how could the passengers around you not smile with Eli on board. Beautiful photos.