Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hearts Apart Photo Shoot

There is a really amazing organization called Hearts Apart, that offers free photo shoots for families with deploying members.  Since we had never had professional family pictures taken with our sweet little guy, I jumped at the opportunity.  Our photographer Becca, of Just Becca Photography in Goldsboro, was AMAZING.  So sweet and patient, even when our little man refused to give a smile.  I was shocked when she turned up with grinning photos of all of us.

I am dreading this next separation, but am thankful that we have such gorgeous photos to remind us of Daddy.  I've hung them up around the house, and Eli gets a HUGE grin when we walk past them and he can see himself and his Dad.  So cute :-)  Here are a few of my favs


  1. Beautiful Family Portrait and OMG he is too CUTE for words.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Sarah! You have a beautiful family.

  3. I missed seeing this post. Such beautiful family photos. I hope all is going well for your all.